LIGHTING | The breathtaking FORTUNY

Mariano Fortuny  (Granada 1871 – Venezia 1949)  Purchase:  Fortunyshop  |  |

Mariano Fortuny was an amazing artist, designer, textile god, and photographer -all of my passions.  These silk lamps are perhaps on of my most favorite collections of lighting that I have used in projects.  The attention to detail and hand painted silk is gorgeous and timeless.

When I was twenty six, I traveled to Europe for the first time and found myself in Venice, Italy where I purchased an authentic silk Fortuny lamp.  I literally hauled it around with me for the rest of the trip because I was so nervous about parting with it and never seeing it again!

I have loved it over the years and like all of the things you place in your home, each object, I feel should have a story that goes along with it. ~   LF