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As an interior designer, I seek my inspiration from a plethora of places:  nature, travel experiences, art, fashion.  I feel it is imperative to also admire and celebrate other designers, interior designers and architects who inspire me with their work. This week’s inspire is from the design firm Clodagh  I love her philosophy:

“I drive my clients to drink with my attention to detail,” she says with a laugh. “I go as far as they’ll let me.”

Source credit/ reposted from  Jen Renzi | September 29, 2014

My job also as a designer is to educate people on the value of their environment and ultimately persuade them in the invitation to not only enhance one’s dwelling, but to seek it out as though one’s survival depends on it.  We all are living a story and your dwelling is a place to express those moments.  When I am on a large scale residential project, I am literally married to the process.   Every detail is methodically and strategically weighed to pass the audition of longevity and it’s authenticity in the end.

I always say to client’s, “I’m going to push you off the cliff without a parachute but I promise there’s one and you’re going to land on the way down seeing things you’ve never seen before -trust me.”- LF

 Clodagh’s impeccable, impressive beauty of detail is not only evidence of mastery, in addition, I feel assigns her to the position of Guru.  I highly recommend her book:  Your home, your sanctuary by Clodagh

FIRM:  Clodagh PROJECT: Abington House